Monday, August 1, 2011

Informal Recruitment 2011

Informal Recruitment (also known as COB) is a special process in which some chapters take in new members during the fall semester. Not all chapters hold informal recruitment every year; whether a chapter holds informal recruitment is dependent on a number of factors.

Information regarding Fall 2011 Informal Recruitment will be posted at the beginning of the Fall 2011 semester. Not all chapters will be participating in Informal Recruitment, so please check here for the most complete and up to date information. Only women who are in their sophomore year or above are eligible to participate in Informal Recruitment. Women who have been initiated into another Panhellenic sorority are not eligible to participate in recruitment.

Some more eligibility information for Potential New Members:

  • All undergraduate female Columbia University full-time students with at least 12 credit hours earned at CU are eligible for membership recruitment. First-semester freshman are ineligible.
  • The lowest GPA requirement to join a women’s fraternity at Columbia University is 2.50.
  • A woman shall not be, or ever have been, an initiated member of an NPC fraternity. Women in doubt should consult the Panhellenic Council before registering for recruitment.
  • A woman is ineligible for Informal Recruitment if she has declined a Formal Membership Recruitment bid or if she has been a new member of an NPC fraternity on this campus within the same calendar year.
  • Women interested in participating in Informal Membership Recruitment must register online on the Panhellenic Council website. Registration must take place prior to the beginning of Informal Recruitment as specified by Panhellenic.

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